The Richest of The Beast was organised by Dennis in an attempt for a religion for The Beast.

Background Edit

When Dr. Fletcher approaches and tries to reason with Kevin, she realises that he has kidnapped the girls and tries to convince him that what he is doing is wrong. 'Dennis' drugs her and locks her up.

Battle Edit

Enacting a sort of ritual. Kevin then buys flowers and visits a train car, before becoming 'the Beast'. Dissolving into an animalistic mentality, Kevin goes on a rampage.

Aftermath Edit

When she recovers, Dr. Fletcher writes down Kevin's full name, knowing that it will be the singular way of subduing him once he transforms into the Beast. The girls, in the meantime, try to escape from their confinements.

Returning to his hideout, 'the Beast' confronts Dr. Fletcher. She tries stabbing him with a knife, but the knife shatters. The Beast then murders her, demonstrating incredible physical strength. He then proceeds to savagely kill Marcia and then Claire, while Casey stumbles upon Dr. Fletcher's corpse as well as her instructional note.