Limited Edition comic book art museum is a building located in Philadelphia, It's owned by Elijah Price.

History Edit

After David attended service for the other 131 passengers, He found a card on the windshield of his car with the words "Limited Edition" engraved on the front. David flips the card which has black marker writing which says "How many days have you been sick?".

The next David would that Joseph to the Limited Edition comic book art museum, where he meets the man responsible for the card: Elijah Price.

Few weeks later David would go to Limited Edition during their exhibition, where he meets Elijah who congratulates him on his first night. Elijah then shakes his hand, giving David a vision of him being the cause of all the disasters that were mentioned, including the train wreck. There are several plans for explosives and other acts of terrorism displayed around his room. Elijah explains that he was meant to be the villain in David's story and adopts the name, "Mr. Glass". David immediately alerts the authorities, and Elijah is sent to an institution for the criminally insane.