Joseph Dunn is the son of David Dunn and Audrey Dunn. Who believes that his dad is a superhero and tries to convince him that he is a hero.

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Among other families of victims wait for him at the hospital, Joseph and his mother waiting for David.

Meeting Elijah Prince Edit

Then Dunn takes his son Joseph to the Limited Edition comic book art museum, where he meets the man responsible for the card: Elijah PriceElijah explains of his disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 1; which means his bones are very frail and easily breakable. Price theories that if there was someone like him in the world then there would be someone that is the opposite of him.

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After seeing Elijah Price, Joseph tried to prove to his father that he had abilities by shooting him with a gun. However, Joseph was stopped by David due to David's threat of leaving Joseph and leaving for New York. Later David and Audrey went out on a date while Joseph stayed at home.

The Truth Edit

One morning David shows Joseph a newspaper of his night out, advising him never to tell Audrey.

Glass Edit

19 years later, Joseph is working with his father to help him stop the criminals of Philadelphia, while helping him run Dunn Home Security. He gives him a lead on Kevin Wendell Crumb's whereabouts after triangulating three past abduction locations. When his father goes out to search for Kevin, He gives him information via microphone feed. He hears David and the Horde later being arrested and sent to the mental hospital. He goes in later with a rationalized version of his father's history as the Overseer in order to get him out of the hospital, but the psychiatrist, Dr. Ellie Staple, doesn't buy it and believes Joseph and his father share in the delusion as a coping mechanism following Joseph's mother's death. He later arrives at the mental hospital at the same time as Casey Cooke and Mrs. Price, and all three witness the fight between the Overseer and The Beast. Before The Beast has a chance to use David's weakness of water against him, Joseph reveals that Kevin's father died in the train crash orchestrated by Elijah in order to find David. He then witnesses Dr. Staple's men drown David in a flooded pothole causing him to lash out at them in them after they killed David. Later, he along with Casey and Mrs. Price receive video surveillance of each person using their abilities from Mr. Glass posthumously. They then share the videos, causing the existence of super-humans as well as the organization to be made public.

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