Casey Cooke is one of the main protagonists of the Eastrail 177 film trilogy, serving as the main protagonist of the 2017 horror film Split and the deuteragonist of the 2019 movie Glass.

She is portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy and Izzie Coffey.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

When she was young, she looked to have a very healthy and positive relationship with her father. She would go on hunting trips with her father and uncle, where she would be taught to hunt and learn how to shoot a gun. Without her father knowing, Casey and her uncle would tend to play a predatory game that he made up, where they would both strip down and pretend to be animals (which was confirmed to be a situation hinted at molestation).

Casey threatening to shoot John.

However, because Casey was at a young age when this occurred, she was likely not aware of the kind of situation she was in but was shown to know the scarcity of it. Even at the young age of ten, she picked up the shotgun and aimed it at her uncle, who tried to reason with her and eventually grabbing it out of her hands before she could do anything.

Her father died due to a heart attack sometime after. Following this, she was taken into the custody of her uncle John, who was the only legal guardian to take care of her. Over the years, Casey had been exposed to emotional, physical and sexual abuse conducted by her uncle.

Throughout Split[edit | edit source]

In the first act of the film, Casey is invited to a kind of Party associated by one of her classmates Claire Benoit, along with Marcia. While Casey is on the phone in the background after the party has ended, Claire says that she only invited Casey because she thought it would be weird to exclude only one person from her art class. Casey tells the group that the car broke down, to which Claire's father offers her a ride home with them. As they get into the car, Casey notices that food behind the car has fallen onto the ground, but before she can react, the three of them are kidnapped by Kevin Wendell Crumb's 'Dennis' personality.

During her captivity, she was held in an underground bunker of a zoo, until she was eventually found and rescued. Casey once had a happy life with her father. They were very close. Her father taught her how to hunt and how to shoot a gun.

Casey was on a hunting trip with her father and her uncle John. During this trip, John molested her repeatedly.

Shortly after, Casey's father died leaving John the only legal guardian to take care of her.

This lead to a lot of emotional problems with Casey as she continued to be sexually and emotionally abused by her uncle.

In school Casey is known for yelling at teachers, getting detention frequently, and running away from home.

After the Horde spared her, Casey was found by Security and placed in a Police Car. A Policewoman inform her that Uncle John came to pick her up. However Casey look at the Cop with a Dark Glare. She later told the Police what her Uncle did to her and had him arrested and jailed.

Throughout Glass[edit | edit source]

Three weeks later, Casey is shown to be living with an Adoptive Family, after she had her Uncle jailed. When in school, her principal informs her that Kevin was captured.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Casey was shown to be a bright and happy child during the days with her father, while also being smart and independent enough to defend herself from her uncle. She tends to have an innocent and immature nature, telling her dad that 'boys make too much noise' as he teaches her how to hunt. Nevertheless, due to her uncle's molestation in the forest, she is left traumatized by the situation and (in a deleted scene) tries to talk to her dad about what she witnessed.

As she grows up, her mature nature and awareness of her surroundings quicken over time. After her father passed away and was left in her uncle's custody who became her legal guardian, Casey is shown in an aggressive, anti-social, emotionally withdrawn, and depressive state. Her bright personality is somewhat buried under the trauma of sexual abuse and is rather seen as 'invisible' and quiet around people. Even though this is a deep flaw in her character, Casey is also very intelligent, level-headed, and a good strategist. She had attempted and succeeded at manipulation as shown with her ability to manipulate Hedwig. In the movie, we see her using her ears, eyes, and head rather than her mouth to avoid hostile situations. The actress who plays the role of Casey, Anya Taylor Joy, previously said in an interview that Casey is also very patient, which is something that the films depicting the character does not explain so well. However, this could be shown in multiple scenes, such as where they are in the kitchen and tries to warn the other captive Marcia to not go forth with the attack on the personality of Patricia.

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