Casey Cooke is a young girl with a traumatic past and a history of self-harm, who is kidnapped by "Dennis", one of Kevin Wendell Crumb's personalities.

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Early Life Edit

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Casey threatening to shoot Bhuvan.

Casey was born in Michigan, USA. At the age of 12, she went on a trip with her father and Bhuvan, Hannah's uncle. On the trip it is shown that Bhuvan drunkenly abuses Hannah, and she threatens to shoot him. Unable to do so, Bhuvan takes the gun from her. Not long after the trip, her father dies and her uncle takes custody of Casey.



Casey at her father's grave

The drunkenly abuse continues. The reason she purposefully gets detention so as not to be around her uncle. She is also anti-social and the others don't necessarily like her. She is an outcast.

Meeting Kevin Wendell Crumb Edit

Casey was invited to Marcia's birthday party as a gesture of kindness on his part. When the party came to an end, Casey's friend had yet to pick her up. Sam offers to give Casey a lift and Casey, Claire, and her friend Marcia head to Sam's pickup.

When the kids sit in the pickup, Kevin Wendell Crumb, appeared as one of his 24 identities; Dennis, and attacks Marcia's sitter, and enters the pickup. Then, Hannah and her friends were sprayed with a sleep gas of some sort.

 Abduction Edit

The three kids awaken in a room of a secretive compound. Roy entered into the room and took Marcia but not before Hannah told him to "Pee yourself". Marcia managed to prevent him from doing who knows what by urinating himself, causing Dennis to return Marcia to the room.

Meeting the 24 Identities Edit

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Casey talking with Hedwig.

After a couple hours, the trio with Casey's leadership had seen something that somewhat looks like a girl. That girl entered into the room, and revealed to be Kevin as the identity of Patricia. Then Casey realized that Kevin is a man with dissociative identity disorder.


Casey walking with Kevin.

Being Aware to The Beast Edit

After that, Hedwig, a child personality, warns Casey and the other two girls of their terrible fate, to be doomed by the Beast, the 24th personality which is considered to the most powerful and the most dangerous identity of all. Casey and the other girls were led into different rooms. After each one (except Casey) attempted some form of escape.

Planning the Escape Edit

Days later, Kevin went to meet with his psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher, while Casey managed to find a walkie talkie in Hedwig's room. Using the device, they partially manage to communicate with a security guard who believed this had just been an elaborate prank.

The Final Confrontation, The Beast and The Escape Edit

Every night, Dr. Fletcher saw an email written by Kevin, or rather, Barry. She arrived to visit him, Dennis covered it up rather well and stuck a cloth napkin in the door and eventually returned to check for herself. She found the room where the kids were kept and upon hearing the screams (and being caught by Dennis) attempted to reason with him to no avail, knocking her out with sleeping gas. Dennis than escapes to a train station and lets the Beast take over.

Before being killed by The Beast, Dr. Fletcher had written Kevin's name on a letter, saying that this is the only way in which Kevin can regain control. The Beast then went to Marcia's room and killed her. Casey successfully unlocked her door and headed to find the other girls. She discovered Marcia dead and fled to Claire, who was in the process of being devoured. Casey locked the door and ran.

Casey running from The Beast

Escaping, Casey saw the main room, and she saw Fletcher and her letter. The Beast arrived, and started to crawl on the walls to Casey's horror. Then, she started saying Kevin's full name, partially defeating The Beast. Kevin emerged, and said that he has a shotgun and few bullets in his locker around the house. Yet, Hedwig took over him, and tried to stop her and so does Dennis. Then, Casey started escaping but not before The Beast once again appeared.


Casey firing the shotgun at The Beast.

Casey grabbed the shotgun but was unable to shoot the Beast, so she began to flee. Then, The Beast explained that he planned to rid the world from those who are impure, indicating that The Beast exists for that purpose, and that the impure are the people who haven't suffered as Kevin.

Then, The Beast caught up to Casey who managed to lock herself in a sort of cell like cage. He began to use its incredible strength to break the metallic bars, as Casey rips her sweater off to get a better aim with the shotgun; exposing all the scars on her body. The Beast began to laugh and spared her life because she was "pure", "broken" and "more evolved" he then flees. A security guard eventually finds Casey and notifies the police.

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Casey being told that Bhuvan is here to pick her up.

It skips to Casey in the back of a police car as an officer tells her that her uncle is here to retrieve her. She turns to look at the officer, with a sort of determination, as if to finally speak out against the drunkenly and physical abuse she suffered. It is never said if she did, but it seems to be implied.

Meeting David Dunn Edit

In the aftermath of the events, at a local dinner some girls were listening to the news, which informed the viewers of the despicable acts, dubbing the thing as The Horde, a nickname given to all personalities. Then, one girl remarks it was similar to that terrorist mastermind who was arrested 15 years ago whose name escapes her. David Dunn, who was seated near these two girls, said the name and gets up from his seat and leaves.

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